Social commitment

At Agroindustrial Beta, we are committed to economic, social and environmental development. For this reason, we comply with standards and regulations that guarantee our ethical behavior and duty in the sustainable development of society and our communities. We aim to make our practices more efficient, modern and of the highest quality, with the objective of contributing productively in their development.


Projects and Programs


Housing Complex Rehoada of Matta


In agreement with the NGO COPRODELI, Techo Propio Program, Fondo Mi Vivienda, Complejo Agroindustrial Beta provides facilities to its collaborators in order for them to obtain their own house.

200 homes are part of the housing complex that is located in the district of Chincha Baja. It has services such as: Medical Center,Educational Institution, permanent surveillance, green areas, recreational areas and commercial stores.

Corporate Volunteering


Medical Campaigns


Families of our communities located in the departments of Piura, Lambayeque and Ica receive preventive health care for free, as well as commercial quality medicines.


Recreational Activities


BETA, in agreement with the municipalities, executes projects for the implementation of recreational modules in the areas close to our operations. We are aware of how outdoor play incentivizes the intellectual development in children.





Human Rights


1. Support and respect the protection of fundamental human rights within their sphere of influence.

2. Make sure that your own corporations and affiliates do not act as accomplices in the violation of human rights.




3. Support the freedom of affiliation and the recognition of the right to collective bargaining.

4. Eliminate all types of forced or compulsory labor.

5. Promote the eradication of child labor.

6. Promote the elimination of discrimination with respect to employment and occupation.



7. Promote preventive approaches to environmental challenges

8. Carry out initiatives to promote greater environmental responsibility

9. Facilitate the development and dissemination of technological means that respect the environment.


Fight against corruption


10. Work against all forms of corruption, including extortion and bribery


Sedex is a nonprofit organization that makes it easier to do business that benefits everyone. See our About Sedex page for more information. Save information about ethical and responsible practices according to the ILO conventions, the ETI base code, SA8000, ISO14001 and industry- specific codes of conduct.


1. Employment will be freely chosen

2. Freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining shall be respected

3. Working conditions will be safe and hygienic

4. Child labor will not be used

5. An adequate wage will be paid

6. The hours of work will not be excessive

7. There will be no discrimination

8. A regular job will be provided

9. Inhuman or severe treatment will not be allowed


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