Quality management

Quality and innocuity is part of our DNA and of each of our collaborators. Therefore, our quality and innocuity management system is based on national and international norms and standards. In Agroindustrial Beta, we comply with all these principles in order to guarantee the safety and quality of the products we provide. We abide by our food safety certifications.


Thanks to the work, effort and commitment of our employees, our products are consumed in five continents, and we maintain our endless commitment to ensure and guarantee the quality and safety of the products we offer our customers. Likewise, the Beta promise is to continuously improve our quality assurance system and all of our processes, through the application of top management practices.




Our certifications allow us to demonstrate our commitment to the safety, legality and quality of our Beta products.

Among our main certifications are:



Gap: It is a set of agricultural standards recognized internationally and committed to Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) applicable to different products and capable of covering the entirety of the agricultural production.



BRC: The BRC (British Retail Consortium) norm is a food safety system to help distributors comply with the legal obligations of food safety and ensure the highest level of consumer protection.



It is a Management and Risk Prevention System that guarantees the safety and quality of the food throughout the entire supply chain.



It guarantees the control in all the production processes, packaging, shipping and transportation of the cargo that goes abroad, ensuring that the cargo has no possibility of contamination (contraband and drugs) at any stage until reaching the final destination.