Environmental Commitment



We consider Integrated Pest Management as a first alternative that allows us to move from conventional agriculture (dependent on agrochemicals) to sustainable agriculture, where chemical control is the last option for the protection of our crops. 

Within our IPM, we implement biological, ethological and cultural control practices in order to maintain the beneficial fauna in our fields, decrease the use of pesticides and reduce the impact on health and the environment.


Solid waste management


In Beta, we have implemented a Solid Waste Management Plan. Each of our operations considers policies, procedures and activities aimed at ensuring responsible management of the solid waste generated by our processes.  

The Beta Solid Waste Management Plan comprises the segregation, collection, temporary storage, transfer to the recycling area, transport and final disposal of our waste. Additionally, we have ecological containers in our different operations and we promote the practices of recycling, reuse, recovery and reduction of our waste.




We are committed to caring for the environment and complying with the law, therefore we develop an environmental monitoring and compliance progress reports, following the commitments assumed in our Beta Environmental Management and Adaptation Programs.




To ensure the preservation of the biological diversity in our fields, we conduct a flora and fauna monitoring every two years, which is supplemented by a Flower and Wildlife Conservation Plan. 

At Beta, we maintain friendly practices with the environment and maintain ecological zones in each location, one of these being in our Ica headquarters, where up to 30 species of birds have been detected, being "Tórtola" (Columbina cruziana) the most common specie registered.